Commercial Roofing Restoration

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Fraser Valley

Commercial Roofing Restoration Vancouver | Direct Roofing and Contracting are your commercial roofing experts in the Fraser Valley, BC & The Lower Mainland.


Commercial Roofing Restoration

Keeping your business operational while we work above you.

Commercial Roofing Restoration


Commercial Roof Restoration Vancouver

Your place of business is your bread and butter.  You spend most of your day there, earning a living.  The last thing you need is a problem with the roof which could potentially put you out of work.


The Direct Roofing and Waterproofing goal with flat commercial roofing is to keep your business up and running while we work above you fixing any problems.



Flat and aluminum roofing are our specialties so call now for a quote to get your commercial roof restored and repaired or replaced if you’re in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland or the Fraser Valley.

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Commercial Roofing Restoration

While we are working above, you are working below like there was nothing wrong with your roof.

  • 01 INSPECT

    We take a look at what the problem is and provide a free estimate on restoring the roof

  • 02 RESTORE

    We make as little disruption to your business as we can while restoring your roof

  • 03 CLEAN

    We clean the work area for safety and operational purposes

  • 04 INSPECT

    We inspect our work for quality assurance and handover a fully restored roof to you

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