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Siding Repairs Fraser Valley | Protect the outer walls of your home with quality and durable siding installed by the professionals at Direct Roofing & Contracting.


A change to the exterior of your home can make a big difference to its value.



Think of the siding on your house like the wrapping paper on a gift sitting under the Christmas tree.  Do you want the wrapping to rip and tear easily, exposing the gift or do you want the recipient to have a hard time unwrapping it because the wrapping is strong and done right?


The siding on your home is similar to the Christmas gift.  It is basically the wrapping on your home.  If the siding has holes or gaps exposing the under layer to the elements of the Vancouver weather system, as time goes by, you will notice water damage to walls and floors.


Get your home weather-proofed with quality installed siding from Direct Roofing and Waterproofing.


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  • 01 MEASURE

    Workout the style and amount of siding needed for the job

  • 02 PREPARE

    Remove downspouts and shutters. Install furring if needed


    Install the accessories around doors and windows

  • 04 SIDING

    Install the siding on the walls of your home

  • 05 CLEAN

    Make your shiny new siding sparkle!

  • 06 INSPECT

    Make sure everything is in order and present your new (ish) home to you!

We stand side-by-side with our siding.  You should do the same.